File Format Libraries

Our staff develops and supports several open source file format libraries that we use in our commercial software development. Each strives to offer full functionality with a minimum of code and liberal licensing.


HTMLCSS is a lightweight HTML/CSS parser written in C that allows applications to prepare a HTML document for rendering or conversion.


MMD is a miniature markdown parsing library that supports Github Flavored Markdown and includes a convenient HTML generating utility.


PDFio is a simple C library for reading and writing PDF files, including embedded color profiles, fonts, images, and data such as 3D content.


StringsUtil provides a library for using Apple “.strings” localization files and a utility for managing, translating, and embedding those files in your application.


Mini-XML is a tiny XML library that you can use to read and write XML data files in your application without requiring large non-standard libraries.


ZIPC is a simple ZIP container library that supports reading and writing of files up to 4GB as used in 3MF, EPUB, OpenDocument, and OpenXPS files.